Videopportunity is a trademark of AID TRADE

AID TRADE stems from the desire to expand worldwide the experience of many years in the advertising and video marketing sector. Dubai has been chosen because it is a city that looks to the future: mentality and structures represent the ideal place for the business of the future.
AID TRADE (FZE) has two SHARJAH Government licenses that cover the following activities:

              commercial license for e-commerce (license no. 20438)

              license for services relating to Providing Advertising & Marketing Services (license no. 20796)


Free Zone Est. with Limited Liability

Saif Desk Q1-04-090/B

Sharjah – U.A.E.


Blue Bay Tower office 1412

Marasi Drive – Business Bay


In our Dubai offices we are looking for new marketing opportunities every day

Our main objective is to transform advertising into an opportunity both for those who make it and for those who receive it

We are happy to have chosen Dubai to spread throughout the world